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Transformational Strategies for Leadership Development

At Transegy, LLC we believe that the success of every business begins with your employees. Our experience in consulting and executive education has allowed us to successfully develop leaders at Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies around the world.  We create solutions that imbed knowledge in the hearts and minds of your team—from the C-level executives to your frontline managers—in fresh and powerful ways.

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Instructional Design | Simulation Design & Delivery | Case Writing | Train-the-Trainer Programs | Facilitated Delivery and Orchestration | Executive Coaching | Engaging Millenials | Women in the Lead | Applied Neuroplasticity

Our Instructional Design Process Delivers Results

Integrating theory with practical experience and expertise, we have come up with a proven effective design approach that drives results and creates custom, high-impact learning experiences. We carefully examine your company's situation, taking into consideration the existing strategic objectives, skill sets, behavioral gaps, and the environment in your workplace. After gaining an in-depth understanding of your business, we then apply our knowledge in adult learning theory, performance-oriented instruction, and business-focused learning to come up with the most effective instructional design solutions for your company. This approach ensures that every outcome is a learning experience that delivers satisfying results.

Making Business Connections

Embedding Learning

Our high-impact learning experiences include classroom and web-based courses, living case studies, simulations and role-plays to apply learning and practice in a safe environment.  Our learning solutions are grounded in proven adult-learning theory, which involves:

Cycles of Action and Reflection | Groups | Challenging Environments | Relevant Topics

Facilitation & Orchestration

At Transegy, LLC we take pride in a facilitation and orchestration style that is interactive and connects course learning to business results.  Our clients tell us that the way we invite and embrace challenges from participants while they engage with the content that we are teaching is refreshing and impactful.  There will be no “elephant in the room” left unaddressed.

Paige has earned the nickname, "The Velvet Hammer", for her ability to find a way to help the most challenging executives hear difficult, constructive feedback and still have them leave with a smile on their faces!

Executive Coaching

We pride ourselves in our ability to find a way to help the most challenging executives hear difficult, constructive feedback and still have them leave with a smile on their faces.  We are members of the Global Coaching Network have enjoyed long-term Performance Coaching and Development Coaching engagements with EverBank, The New York Times, National Life, Verizon, Pfizer, Great Plains Energy and as well as several smaller Vermont-based companies and local Boards.


Engaging Millenials

Over the last 5 years, we have worked extensively with organizations to help them adapt to the changing needs of their millennial workforce.  We also coach millenials and help them develop the skills and perspective to be advocates for their careers, their individual development and for the full life they desire.  We personalize learning and share our experiences as we have used the tools we teach to create our own visions and identify our own guiding values, which have helped make seemingly tough decisions much easier when tests have arisen.

Women in the Lead

At Transegy, LLC we support, empower, and educate women to become effective leaders with our program called "Women in the Lead".

We are also proud of creating and offering the first annual Accelerate New England Women in Hospitality and Tourism Retreat will be held in Stowe, Vermont at the Sun & Ski Inn and Suites. Accelerate is a retreat designed by and targeted for women who are owners, general managers, executives, department directors and managers of hospitality and tourism organizations throughout New England.

Accelerate is a hands-on, intimate opportunity for women in hospitality and tourism to step back and personalize their leadership while building connections and learning best practices with other women leaders in their industry. This is about personal growth, effective leadership choices and leveraging tools aligned with their values. There’s no one right answer. We will share the latest research and tools based on 25+ years of experience working around the globe across industries. Accelerate is not an us versus them conference – it is about how we each, as women, can navigate unique challenges and lead more effectively, with our own authentic leadership styles.

Learn more about Accelerate at

Business People Working

Applied Neuroplasticity

After a horrible bike accident in 2015, Paige began a personal journey into meditation, mindfulness and relaxation response resiliency programs to manage her own pain and facilitate her recovery.  In the process, she met and worked with neuroscientists from around the globe to develop an expertise in Applied Neuroplasticity.  Paige now helps her corporate clients leverage an understanding of how the brain works to be more effective leaders, to develop resilience and to manage stress, energy and focus through a portfolio of exercises and tools.  She has collected and developed tools in four areas: physical, mental, emotional, and social, which her clients can leverage to be more effective leaders in their organizations and get the benefits of post-traumatic growth - without the trauma!

Neuroplasticity, Brain Plasticity

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By expanding our knowledge in every aspect of the business, we are able to handle even the toughest and most complex problems your organization may face. For more details about our services, please contact us.